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Trek For A Cause

" We help them because they are in need,
They need our help,
We are all of the same creation,
We all share the same planet,
We all have the same genes,
My Team

A group of able-bodied Malaysians banded together to pursue their passion of trekking at high places. At the same time, they also pool their resources to crowdfund for the cause – education for underprivileged children in Malaysia. Suffice to say that the Monyet & Yak (MY) Team is a group of amateur trekking enthusiasts. Their previous major expeditions were to the Everest Base Camp Nepal (2011 & 2015), Annapurna Circuit Nepal (2013), Mount Agung Bali (2015), Mount Kilimanjaro Tanzania (2016), Mount Kinabalu Malaysia (2016), Dzongri Peak Sikkim (2017 and Annapurna Base Camp Nepal (2019). Besides enjoying what they do, the team aims to contribute to society in any way possible.

(Note: All members of MY Team pay for all their own expenses. 100% of all monies raised go to Muslim Aid Malaysia education fund).

What the funds are used for:
The funds raised via TFAC are used to help underprivileged children meet their basic needs in the pursuit of education. Funds will be used to pay for books, teachers, teaching materials, clothing, nutrition and extra-curricular activities for the children.

The main beneficiaries will be:

The Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia

Bajau Laut communities on the islands off the east coast of Sabah

Refugee children, mostly scattered in the Klang Valley


For example, there are close to 29,000 refugee children registered with UNHCR, of which 17,000 are of school-going age. Less than half of them have any access to any kind of education. Many Orang Asli children and orphans struggle to go to school because their parents lack the means. A large number of stateless children in the islands of the east coast of Sabah lack access to school – they loiter and beg in the streets.

The funds are administrated by Muslim Aid Malaysia.
In the first TFAC trekking in 2013, the initiative raised about RM100,000. The funds have (and are being) used for:

(a) Mobile library programme for Orang Asli communities

(b) A learning centre in Ampang, catering for the Myanmar refugee children

Your company can choose to be a key sponsor by making a donation of RM 10,000 or more to Muslim Aid Malaysia. If you like, the MY team will bear your logo on their trekking shirt, and carry and display your banner at the highest point. If you wish, we will carry and display your company banner at the highest point if you make a substantial donation to Muslim Aid.

Note: at high altitude, every gram matters – so not too big a banner, please. Please call the office to discuss details.


You can help us solicit donations from your colleagues, friends and family. Even if you cannot contribute, you may know of other people who may be able to help with this cause. You can share this link with others (please do). Follow our page on Facebook (Trek for a Cause).