Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

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  1. Cash need to be channel to Muslim Aid bank account:
    CIMB ISLAMIC: 8600 110 850
    MAYBANK ISLAMIC: 5642 5858 6140
  2. Please e-mail your details (NAME, IC NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER) and payment slip to:
    for our reference and “LHDN tax wave official receipt” (beyond request).
Tax Benefits

While minimising poverty
Less tax = eradicate poverty

The Malaysian tax system requires all income earners and registered companies to file their financial information annually. Whether they pay taxes or not will be determined by the conditions set by the Internal Revenue Board.

It is without doubt that the tax system is an important tool to redistribute wealth in society. It can help to close the gap between the haves and the have-nots. It is not only important in terms of moral and ethics, it also acts as a catalyst for equality in a market driven economy.

While wealth belongs to a small group, the poor and underprivileged have a right to it too. Thanks to the tax system, income from tax payers will help in nation building as well as helping the needy.


Contribute via Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid Malaysia Humanitarian Foundation has obtained tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Board in 2009. Thus, for every contribution towards charity via Muslim Aid, it will help you lessen your tax. At the same time, besides being responsible to the government, the tax payer does good deeds by helping the needy.

Come on! Don’t lose this opportunity. Take action before it’s too late.