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The war in Palestine has been going on since 1947 after Israel signed the Balfour Treaty.

It became the starting point of Israel seizing land belonging to the Palestinians and from then on continues to this day there has been an endless series of attacks and wars.

As recently as October 7, 2023, the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, a surprise attack on Israel by Egypt and Syria, this time the Palestinian fighters again launched a similar attack on a large scale.

As a counterattack, so far about 500 people have been killed and 3700 are reported injured. Sadly, the number of dead and injured is expected to rise as the situation has deteriorated significantly with fears growing of a massive ground invasion of Gaza following a severe attack.

80% of Gaza’s power and electricity supplies have been shut causing serious health repercussions in hospitals and medical facilities.

Let’s work together to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine with our best contribution.

Any contribution can be channeled to:
#CIMB: 8600 11 0850
#MBB: 5642 5858 6140