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  1. Cash need to be channel to Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid bank account:
    CIMB ISLAMIC: 8600 110 850
    MAYBANK ISLAMIC: 5642 5858 6140
  2. Cheque Payment to  Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia.
    Please e-mail your details (NAME, IC NUMBER, PHONE NUMBER & ADDRESS )   and payment slip to for our reference and “LHDN tax wave official receipt” (beyond request).

    Donate through JOM PAY

    1. Log in your Mobile Banking apps.
    2. Find JomPay at Pay & Transfer section.
    3. Enter biller code : 14613 (General donation)
    4. Fill in the details and verify your payment.



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The main objective of this program is to ensure that marginalized children (urban poor, rural poor, refugees) are able to attend the new school session in 2020 with a good start.

You are invited to participate by contributing towards the following:

  1. School uniform sets
  2. Stationeries
  3. Exercise books
  4. School Bags

Sponsorship Packages

Donations are welcomed as follows:

Pakej Arif:                 RM70 (Stationeries and exercise books)
Pakej Bestari:          RM100 (1 set of school uniform)
Pakej Cemerlang:  RM 150 (1 set of school uniform and stationeries)
Pakej Dinamik:       As you wish