Our Agenda

our agenda


As an Islamic organisation working within the parameters of the religion, one of our chief priorities is delivery of food, medicine and clean water to impoverished Muslims who make up more than half of the world’s poor.

Each year, Muslim Aid cans and ships ‘qurban’ meat under our Qurban project to Muslim communities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, to supplement their diet and improve their nutrition to compensate for the lean months of hardship.

We also use donations to buy cattle from farmers in agrarian nations such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia for the Qurban project, thus boosting village economies as well as providing nourishment.

Muslim Aid also tackles hunger proactively through its Fast-to-Feed programme, held in the holy month of Ramadan, where women, children, the disabled, the elderly and the disadvantaged are fed at least one vitamin-enriched meal a day.

In the realm of health and hygiene, emphasis is placed on good sanitation in an effort to curb killer diseases such as diarrhoea, usually prevalent in impoverished communities and overcrowded refugee camps.

Towards this end, Muslim Aid has dug water wells to provide clean water, built latrines, invested in water purification programmes and educated villagers on maintaining environmental and personal cleanliness.

We subscribe to international standards of transparency and disclosure, and aim to operate efficiently and productivity. Currently, only 14% of funds raised are used for administration and 3% for fundraising while the remaining 83% is solely for aid relief. This is one of the most efficient cost-to-aid ratios within the charitable organisation sector.

Improving the lot of orphans and underprivileged children is also high on our priority list, in line with Islamic injunction to treat such children with care and kindness. Our Orphan Aid programme has funded school fees, uniforms, medication and sustenance, besides providing skills training, such as in computer literacy.

The formation of Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia aims to highlight and subsequently assist the poor and the needy, locally or otherwise.

On a larger scale, we want to ignite compassion, empathy and the willingness to help among affluent Muslims in developed nations, besides nurturing a charitable mindset by making donations easy and secure through online credit card transactions and bank transfers.

It must be stressed that we do not condone terrorism, violence or subversive activities of any kind, and that monies are used to fund aid and sustainable development activities that are fully in line with Islamic guidelines and best ethical practices.