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Hi everyone, as of this morning (8 am, Monday, 27 April 2015), we have collections & pledges amounting to RM 31,658. Thank you very very much to those of you who contributed so kindly. We will try to issue you your receipts as soon as possible.

We are sending off the first batch of funds to Nepal today or tomorrow. As I mentioned in my earlier updates, the money will be used to pay for immediate needs of the victims. Food and medical help is a priority.

As of today, there have been almost 2500 confirmed deaths, over 5000 injured and tens of thousands homeless. Thousands have not been accounted for. Critical infrastructure such as roads, power supply and telecommunications has been severely damaged in many parts of Nepal.

Given the scale of the tragedy, a lot more help is needed.

I hope more of you can contribute to our Nepali friends at their time of need.

You can bank in directly to

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia’s account

(CIMB Bank Account Number 8600 1108 50) or you can write a cheque.

Whatever you do, do let me know so that we can keep track of the donations.

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