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  Hi everyone, as of this morning (8 am, Monday, 27 April 2015), we have collections & pledges amounting to RM 31,658. Thank you very very much to those of you who contributed so kindly. We will try to issue you your receipts as soon as possible. We are sending off the first batch of […]

Background Muslim Aid explored the possibility of expanding the role of Pasaraya Borong Matahari in improving the lives of communities within its neighbourhood, starting from children. Matahari Kids’ Club was mooted as a collaborative effort through a strategic alliance that brings synergistic benefits to the intended audience in a sustainable manner. Objective Selection of children […]

Muslim Aid akan menganjurkan program “Back2School” bertujuan untuk membantu anak-anak yang kurang berkemampuan dengan menderma kelengkapan persekolahan bagi sesi 2016. Program tahunan ini adalah bertujuan untuk meringankan beban tanggungan bagi keluarga berpendapatan rendah dan merealisasikan impian anak-anak yang kurang berkemampuan bagi mendapatkan kelengkapan yang lebih selesa. Sumbangan anda boleh disalurkan melalui: 1) Akaun CIMB ISLAMIC […]

  Airstrikes in Gaza has caused further destruction and misery for Palestinians who face crippling poverty and hardship on a daily basis. Muslim Aid will be fundraising for a fully equipped intensive care unit (ICU) and an ambulance at the Palestine Aid Hospital (PAS). The ICU and the ambulance will allow PAS to treat trauma […]

  Trek For A Cause is a challenging trek, usually into the high mountains. In 2014, TFAC will journey to the Everest Base Camp, Nepal from 12th September to 30th September. The journey will traverse over 100km of mountainous terrain in the Himalayas, reaching an altitude of 5364m (17598ft) at the EBC. Trek For A […]

Qurban4Life2017 Hakikat Qurban Perlakuan Qurban merupakan satu ibadat yang dituntut sejak zaman Nabi Ibrahim a.s. Kami menyeru sekelian umat melaksanakan amalan ibadat ini dengan menyalurkan kepada mereka yang amat memerlukan melalui program ‘Qurban4Life’ anjuran Muslim Aid. Di Muslim Aid, kami memantau keseluruhan proses Qurban anda. Ini memastikan layanan baik kepada haiwan yang menghasilkan pengeluaran daging […]

  The birth of a baby, were eagerly awaited by the family for the sake of adding domestic happiness and harmony. According to the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.), performing Aqiqah and contributing its meat for charity, especially when it is enjoyed by our Muslim brotherhood of the poor and hungry, will be able to add another blessing […]