Package A: Sponsor the recipients for iftar. RM40 for each sponsored recipient (iftar for 1 person + “duit raya”)
Package B: Sponsor and eat together with the sponsored recipient for iftar. RM60 for both your self and sponsored recipient (iftar for 2 persons + “duit raya”)
Package C: Sponsor a new set of Baju Raya for recipient. RM120 for each sponsored recipient.
Muslim Aid will be fundraising for a fully equipped intensive care unit (ICU) and an ambulance at the Palestine Aid Hospital (PAS).
Fulfil your Qurban obligation with us, at RM400 per sheep or per portion of cattle. The amount is nett of slaughter, shipping and transportation, canning and processing, and distribution, local and worldwide.
Muslim Aid invites you to express your gratitude to God for your new-born offspring, by helping the poor enjoy the food (lamb). At a cost of RM450 for a goat, the Muslim Aid will slaughter, cooked and distributed to the local poor who are really in need.