Bulan Ramadhan menjelma lagi.. bulan yang penuh berkah dimana Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala benar-benar memuliakan orang-orang yang bersedekah. Ia menjanjikan banyak keutamaan dan balasan yang menakjubkan bagi orang-orang yang bersedekah seolah seluruh kebaikan terkumpul dalam satu amalan ini, yaitu sedekah khususnya dibulan Ramadhan.

More than 3 mln Syrian refugees are currently living in Turkey, being about 280.000 of them located in 25 refugees camps and the rest, i.e. about 90% living outside the camps.

Sanliurfa (or simply Urfa) is the city in the east part of Turkey bordering with Syria. More than half million of Syrian refugees are living in Urfa, which is the highest number among all cities in Turkey. There are 5 camps in Urfa, hosting a total of 115 thousands of refugees.
Setting up an educational institution to enable refugee having access to basic education. Their status as refugees was subduing them the opportunity to acquire formal education. Hence, the institution was set up to help the kids by providing them chance for gaining basic education, a better life and competitive. To provide and enable students with means to read, write and count.

In order to combat water shortages and reduce associated diseases MAA embarked on a provision of clean water by constructing water wells and water storage tanks. The aim is to ensure that development work leads to tangible and sustained improvements in the lives of people in developing countries.In the past year and a half over 250 water wells have been constructed while close to fifty water-storage tanks have been built in remote villages. The tanks allow for easy access to clean water at all times whereas previously women walked up to 10km for a bucket of water.